Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Center: much like to Bear in Luang Prabang, Laos

Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Center: much like to Bear in Luang Prabang, Laos

envision being imprisoned in a little cell where you might refrain from doing anything however stay to life as well as every now as well as then, somebody would come to you to prick you with a needle so deep as well as extract bile from your tortured gall bladder. For some bears, they do not have to imagine; they’re living it.

I still keep in mind the pain as well as pity that I felt when I saw earlier this year a documentary on TV about bear bile farming, a method of collecting bile from bears in captivity in numerous parts of Asia. I can recall exactly how upset I felt seeing the constant harvesting of these hormones. Worse, the living conditions that these bad bears have to endure. In numerous bile farms, these bears are kept in little cages without any area to relocation in.

I likewise keep in mind exactly how pleased I was at the Tat Kuang Si Park. While I was thankful that the location was lovely beyond compare, what truly soaked my heart in happiness was the little bear sanctuary in the middle of it.

The bears were rescued from unlawful wildlife trade

Free the Bears Fund

At the heart of Tat Kuang Si Park, the Bear Rescue center is found about 30km from the city center of Luang Prabang. It was recognized by totally free the Bears Fund, an organization established in 1995 by Mary Hutton after discovering about the plight of numerous bears in numerous parts of Asia. The group has been active in campaigning against the cruel method of bile farming as well as the catch as well as unlawful trade of bears across the globe. They have made it their objective “to protect, preserve, as well as enrich the lives of bears throughout the world.”

The Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue center is just one of the numerous bear sanctuaries developed as well as set up by totally free the Bears Fund in India, Cambodia, Vietnam, as well as Laos.

Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Center

The bears at the center are either contributed by their previous owners or rescued from the unlawful wildlife trade. From Day 1, a devoted team have taken care of each as well as every bear as well as cub that have went into the facility, which will be a safer house for them at least temporarily. While the bears right here are all healthy as well as totally free to roam around within the fenced area (a large enhancement from their dismal cages before rescue), they came right here malnourished as well as in dismal condition. numerous of them were as well little for their age when they were welcomed right here however under the appropriate care of the center, they have grown impressively as well as have ended up being much more sociable in handling other bears in the park.

Most of the bears right here belong to the Asiatic Black Bear species. Every one of them at the rescue center has a name as well as a unique personality. One acts like a boss, some are extremely shy, some like playing with the wheel, others like sleeping in the hammock. the most typical method of identifying who’s who is by their crest, which is distinct to every bear. I just desire the location were even much more spacious to provide them much more space to roam around as well as run as well as climb as well as do what bears are expected to.

The bears at the sanctuary as well as their stories.

A long viewdeck runs parallel to the sanctuary. This is where visitors may select to stay, view the bears, as well as take photos. To get to the Kuang Si Falls, visitors will pass with the center as well as numerous of them select to stay for a minute or two to appreciate the cuteness of these absolutely lovable fellas. Needless to say, it is an unforeseen however extremely welcome treat for visitors to be introduced to these large mammals along the way. This wildlife center may be little as well as humble however it definitely is the spirit of the Tat Kuang Si Park. These bears take hearts.

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